The artist specialized in plastics

After her Arts studies, Nadine Labedade started a whole series of large paintings questioning the frame limits (1), then she made some canvas using a special technique of collage (2 and 3). The frames, mainly the size of the artist, show some complex surfaces resembling large grey (4, 5, 6 and 7) or white (8, 9 and 10) fences. Her taste for assembling (fibreglass strips in this case), for structured shapes and for combining almost similar items was already emerging. In pairs or in polyptics (11), the canvas illustrate the notion of separation and linking already present in the technique used : allow for the fibreglass and silk paper to interact through wet glue to drain the colours and draw random lines on the surface (12).

Eventually the notions of thickness, interval and distance were the landmarks of another series of almost monochrome superposed or juxtaposed big canvas (13, 14 and 15) which sometimes let some splits appear (16 and 17).

Several personal exhibitions of these canvas took place in the 1990’s, at Ferrières Abbey in the Loiret (exhibition sponsored by “ADATEC” and “DRAC Centre”), at the “Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles” in Paris (in collaboration with a composer for the “Marché de la Poésie), in Bourges and in Saint-Jean de la Ruelle.