Nadine Labedade is a Visual Arts teacher who, as an artist specialized in plastics, first dedicated her practice to painting. For about ten years, she has been involved in the creation of theatre costumes and mainly of women’s clothes. Her training both in Arts and Model Making (flat pattern cutting) has led her to see clothes as plastic objects that shape the body. In 2006 she exhibited her first collection, a kind of inner reflection which brought her back to her childhood, to her mother’s practice as a dressmaker. The Japanese fabrics she discovered then sustained in a highly positive way her taste for associations and breakings. Shown as part of various exhibitions, her unique models are meant to experiment the relation between the clothes and the body (Cahier personnel exhibition, 2006), the cuttings (En morceaux exhibition, 2007), and the time spent on the making of a piece of clothing (Des heures ont passé, 2009). She is preparing some more exhibitions at the time being.
As far as her artistic activities are concerned, Nadine Labedade has also taken part in numerous publications specialized in contemporary architecture since 1996. She has particularly contributed to various texts published in catalogues for “FRAC Centre”, “Centre Georges Pompidou” and “Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine”.